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Aikido books and apps

NEW! - Aiki-jo

by Nick Waites

Jo suburi, jo kata, kumijo and much more! Step-by-step annotated illustrations. Click here to find out more...

NEW! - Progressive Aikido

by Nick Waites

Kaeshi waza, Renzoku waza, Kanren waza, Jiyu waza and much more! Step-by-step annotated illustrations. Click here to find out more...

NEW! - Essential Aikido

by Nick Waites

Great for beginners. Step-by-step annotated illustrations. Click here to find out more...

Aikido Body, Mind and Spirit by Nick Waites.

Sequel to Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power. Click here to find out more...

Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power by Nick Waites
A book about aikido training philosophy and strategies for skill improvement, suitable for all levels of experience, whether beginner or expert. Available as a paperback, a PDF download and as a Kindle eBook from

NEW! - Multimedia edition!

Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power - multimedia edition - PDF includes over 30 video clips to enhance the text.Now available for download. Click here to find out more...


Phone/PC apps from the Video Sketches Library collection:
- Aikido Techniques
- Aikido Techniques 2
- Aikido Solo Exercises
- Aikido 31 count jo kata>
- Aikido counter techniques

Download 5: Aikido Techniques 2 for Android



Originally a Methodist chapel, the Koteikan Aikido Dojo is located in the small village of Leeholme, just a few miles from Durham Bishop Auckland and Spennymoor in the North East of England, UK. [Google map]The dojo has a permanently matted practice hall for Aikido classes, which are held on two weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

IMG_1618The dojo is affiliated to the KAA (Komyokan Aikido Association)   which is under the technical direction of Terry Ezra, Shihan, 7th dan.
Koteikan instructors are highly qualified with many years experience teaching Aikido. Nick Waites, the senior Koteikan instructor, is ranked 6th dan by the Aikikai Foundation in Japan.


Classes are available throughout the week and weekend.

Private Instruction

Private instruction is available mornings, afternoons and evenings by arrangement.

Intensive Training Programmes

We offer intensive training programmes with accommodation for students. No experience is necessary and the training period can be from a single day to several weeks.


[Advice for Beginners]
Beginners are always very welcome, whatever age or level of fitness. All of our classes are paced according to ability and experience, and senior students are always available and willing to provide patient help and advice for new starters during all training sessions.
Some of our classes are especially for beginners and these  allow basic movements and techniques to be assimilated at a slow and steady pace.
We try our best to make the initial learning experience as pleasant, rewarding and painless as possible.

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Live in the dojo, study Aikido with a 6th dan instructor and explore the North East of England.
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